Solar Energy

Renewable energy alternatives are no longer considered eccentric. Today, organizations are considering solar energy to reduce their environmental footprint. What’s even better is that renewable energy options help reduce utility costs. Over the past decade, the demand for renewable energy sources has dramatically increased, resulting in diverse and complex projects. Without the proper expertise, renewable energy projects can spearhead costly challenges. Prolific Solutions and Consultants helps mitigate potential risks for our clients through:

Keppra 500mg tablets Energy Efficiency

We perform energy efficiency audits, conduct lifecycle cost analyses, provide recommendations for the most effective efficiency methods and perform facilities upgrades to reduce operating and project costs.

from this source Finance and Feasibility

Utilizing utility tariff and financial modeling tools, our SMEs conduct a financial analysis of energy rates and potential financing mechanisms to assess the likely risks and benefits of moving forward with the project. As much as we would like for you to take advantage of our solar energy products, it’s more important to us that our products suit your needs.


Our team of experienced SMEs have the technical expertise to facilitate permitting and interconnection, hold vendors accountable and keep projects on track and often times under budget. We will implement a formal design submittal process, attend weekly construction calls and inspect construction sites to mitigate potential project risks.

Performance Management

Renewable energy sources require a long-term investment. Prolific provides resources and data to ensure the optimal performance of all systems. We ensure that your systems are properly maintained, and meet their expected financial returns.